October 19, 2020

Digital Video Brochures

Digital Video Brochures

The modern age is the digital age. This transformation is very likable by all levels of people whether it is a metro city and a rural area. The digital age makes everything simple and fast. You don’t have to travel for each and everything like throwing your voice, sending an item, inviting, etc. You can use modern technology for all types of daily work.

Modern technology gives you the chance to connect people in one click without too much investment and also for a long time and not only one to one communication, but you can also do group communication without traveling any place.

Same as you can present yourself in video format like video call, you can record your video on mobile send to your contact and love one. If you are a company owner you can record your office video, you can record your product installation, you can also click a photograph of ready product many things and you can send this recorded things to anyone in free of cost.

Now you can think about how much communication becomes easy with modern technology.

Digital Video Brochures

Same as you can also use modern technology for presenting your company product and service as a form of digital video brochures.

Now, you are thinking what a digital video brochure is, I am explaining to you digital video brochures are a combination of paper and modern technology.

  • In video brochures, you are using paper for the cover purpose where you can promote your company as a printed picture format and inside one LCD /TFT screen embedded. This screen available in many sizes like 2.4 inches, 4.3 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, and 10 inches.
  • You can also choose an option for one video and multiple videos.
  • The screen is also available on the touch screen
  • Video brochures also giving you volume up or down option.
  • Video brochures have a speaker
  • They are also available in many memory sizes starting from 256 MB to 16 GB.
  • It also has USB Charging

You can also use video brochures on many occasions like inviting people to your marriage, launching a new product service, etc.

In current trends video brochures gaining popularity in the following industries:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Wedding Industry
  • Events Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Health care Industry
  • Public sector Industry
  • IT Corporates

Also, Digital video brochures giving a long-lasting impression, if you go in any meeting with a printed catalog no one have time to read it but if you go with video brochures where all your product and services in the visual format every one like and also it doesn’t go in dustbin, it is always the part of table accessories, Now you can how much powerful this digital video brochure.

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